mosaic floor


part of the decorative complex


Floor decoration of villa maritima in Dragonera south


Mosaic in room of thermal area in the west wing from transition period from 4th to 5th centuries.


The property in which the mosaic is located is part of the Dragonera south site; Dragonera north site. It was a large Antique Period complex which was continuously inhabited from the 1. to the 7. centuries. The complex has been defined as a residential homestead (villa maritima) with an olive processing facility. Dragonera south is the better preserved part of the site, and the floor decoration of the villa from the first building period has been preserved in fragments, but well enough to make assumptions about an expensively equipped building. In later periods the villa was upgraded and rebuilt, so the floor mosaics from the earliest phase were mostly intersected with partition walls that were built later. The first restoration followed in the 4. century, after a fire, and continuous habitation can be determined up until to the next big fire in the 7. century. Thermal area in which floor mosaic is located, dates to transition period from 4. to 5. centuries.