Italic itinerant workers

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1. century - 4. century

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Villa Maritima, which was a property of the duumviri quinquennales of the Pula colony, occupied the whole bay. The villa also included a homestead complex, a mooring and a production unit, and the construction is dated to the period between the years of 70 and 90 of the 1st century. There are also the writings of Cassiodorus dating from 537-538 with a description of the properties including the one in Dragonera. The cultural context is the Early Imperial Period and the way of constructing and decorating luxury properties. The descriptions of Cassiodorus help with definitions. In his writings about rural complexes by the sea, like Dragonera, Cassiodorus specifies a series of data, for example he calls them praetoria, in which high officials live, and such properties were independent and closed units.