Banca Dati Mosaico

Banca Dati Mosaico

The Mosaic Database (Banca Dati Mosaico), promoted and developed by the international centre of documentation on mosaic (CIDM) of MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna, is an innovative multimedia tool for the knowledge, study and enhancement of ancient and contemporary mosaic artworks and decorations, without typological, chronological or geographical limits.

The database uses a sophisticated IT system designed and developed in collaboration with ENEA of Bologna , one of the most prestigious research centres in Europe.

The database is a collection of detailed catalogue records, with descriptions and bibliographies, complying with the ministerial standards on the census and cataloguing of Cultural Heritage licenced by the Italian Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation (ICCD) and the Central Institute for the Unique Catalogue (ICCU).

The records report exhaustive information and descriptions of mosaic artworks divided by macro-areas: general, historical and artistic data about the artefact and the cultural reference framework; execution techniques and materials; preservation status; history and documentation of the restorations; iconographic sources; bibliography and document sources.

Data are organized into two different levels of analysis: a Concise Record, and a Complete Record divided into paragraphs.

Information search activities have been conducted in collaboration with the cultural institutions of the countries involved in the census and thanks to researchers from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy and for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna, and thanks to professors of the School for Mosaic Restoration within the Superintendence of architectural and landscape heritage of Ravenna.

The database has been funded by Structural Funds and by two European Projects: Interreg AUS (Adriatic Unesco Sites) and Adriatic IPA Expo (Extension of Potentiality) AUS.

The European project Interreg IIIA Adriatic Unesco Sites was awarded the silver medal for the best European Cultural Project in November 2007 at the European Regional Champion Awards.